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About me.  Hi I’m Emily, I’m a Newcastle Wedding Photographer and the face behind Silverbird Photography.


I’m based near Newcastle in the beautiful city of Durham, and I’m quite happy to travel all over the North East and anywhere in the UK or beyond to photograph your wedding.

My style is natural and relaxed, or documentary as it’s sometimes called.

Abit more about me…



Ilive in a little townhouse with my bearded guitar-playing husband Rich, our two kids Bobby and Lottie – and our latest arrival, Sooty the hamster!  Bobby only sits still to eat and sleep, and he’s mad on sport – mostly rugby, golf and smashing things playing football in the house, and Lottie is the youngest and more chilled out version of her brother, mad keen on gymnastics, dodging balls kicked by her brother and thumb-sucking.


As a busy mum, I spend way too much time down at the gymnastics hall and standing on the sidelines at rugby and football!  When I do have some spare time, I like to get cosy on the sofa and watch an old movie, or the latest box-set on Netflix.  During the summer, I do like to dabble in open-water swimming, and most years I take part in the Great north Swim in lake Windermere…trying desperately not to drown and think of all the big fish swimming under me!  And when it gets cold, I love it if we can go skiing – even though I’m not very good, and look a bit like Bridget Jones on the slopes, I do love a bit of snow and of course the apres-ski!


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Silverbird Asset 9 300x238 - About  I met my husband at school, and I haven’t killed him…yet

Silverbird Asset 9 300x238 - About  I love camping, my husband doesn’t, so sometimes trick him into coming Glamping with me!

Silverbird Asset 9 300x238 - About  It’s my dream to drive along Route 66 in a T-Bird convertible – there’s something about 1950’s American nostalgia that I just love.  It’s no surprise that Back to the Future and Thelma and Louise are in my top films list!

Silverbird Asset 9 300x238 - About  New York is my favourite city (I’ve visited so far…) I love that it is exactly like it is in the movies…the yellow cabs, the steam coming up through the sidewalks and never knowing when to stop or walk or sprint to cross the road at every junction!

Silverbird Asset 9 300x238 - About  I can’t wait for Season three of Stranger Things

Silverbird Asset 9 300x238 - About  I have three sisters; I think my dad really wanted a boy… our house was kinda 1980’s version of Ron Weasley’s (without the magic bits)- crazy and homely, complete with a mad red setter dog!

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Did I mention that…

I am a professionally trained award-winning photojournalist with over 14 years’ experience in Editorial Press photography.  I’ve worked for local and national newspapers and magazines since 2002.  Some pretty cool jobs have come my way!  From spending the day with Jonny Wilkinson (quite a good day!), to having my shoes vomited on (not so good!).  To photographing Kasabian and Sam Fender before they were famous, and tripping up Ricky from the Kaiser Chiefs while he was performing (one of my proudest moments).  I’ve photographed the Queen and the odd Prime Minister too. Oooh, and the REAL Santa in Lapland!

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Why Silverbird?

My grandad passed down his love for photography to me, and after he died, I inherited some of his collection of vintage cameras and an old wooden chest.  I was looking through the chest one day, and found my grandparents wedding invitation, along with some tiny silver birds that had once decorated their wedding cake.  Their wedding was simple and fuss-free.  My Grandma rocked a 1940’s dress instead of a traditional white one.  To me, they sum up what a wedding should be about…simply a happy celebration full of smiles and love!

I really, really enjoy getting involved in all the emotions of your wedding day, and I’ll come away from each wedding with cheek-ache from grinning all day behind my camera! (or wiping away a small tear during speeches)!  It’s just the best job ever.  The best thing about being a wedding photographer is that I get to work five days a week in my PJ’s and photograph people in love! You can follow me on Instagram if you would like to see some examples of what I get up to, or send me a message to start chatting…

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Fun, relaxed docymentary wedding photography

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