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I’m Emily, and I’m a North East Wedding Photographer.

I’m based in the beautiful city of Durham, but I’m quite happy to travel anywhere in the UK or beyond to photograph your wedding.  My style is natural and relaxed, or documentary as it’s sometimes called.

Ilive in a little townhouse with my bearded guitar-playing husband Rich, our two kids Bobby and Lottie – and our latest arrival, Sooty the hamster!  Bobby only sits still to eat and sleep, and he’s mad on sport – mostly rugby, golf and smashing things playing football in the house, and Lottie is the youngest and more chilled out version of her brother, mad keen on gymnastics, dodging balls kicked by her brother and thumb-sucking.

Did I mention that…

Oh, some of the stories I have to tell of the things I’ve seen!  I am a professionally trained award-winning photojournalist with over 14 years’ experience in Editorial Press photography, having worked for regional and national newspapers and magazines since 2002.  Some pretty cool jobs have come my way!  From spending the day with Jonny Wilkinson (quite a good day!), to having my shoes vomited on (not so good!).  To photographing Kasabian before they were famous (and Sam Fender – watch out for him in 2019!), and tripping up Ricky from the Kaiser Chiefs while he was performing (one of my proudest moments).  I’ve photographed the Queen and the odd Prime Minister too. Oooh, and the REAL Santa in Lapland!

Would I go back to Press photography?  NO! It was a cool job at times, but I did spend a huge amount of time standing around outside Court in the rain, wind and sleet!  I’ll use all my years of experience and skills in capturing the moment to tell your story as it is!  All the fun, the emotions, the laughter that make your day truly special and unique!  Plus, photographing weddings is WAY more fun!! I really, really enjoy getting involved in all the emotions of your wedding day, and I’ll come away from each wedding with cheek-ache from grinning all day behind my camera! (or wiping away a small tear during speeches)!  It’s just the best job ever.  The best thing about being a North East Wedding Photographer is that I get to work five days a week in my PJ’s and photograph people in love! You can follow me on Instagram if you would like to see some examples of what I get up to, or send me a message to start chatting…




More fun facts…

  • I met my husband at school, and I haven’t killed him…yet
  • I have three sisters; I think my dad really wanted a boy…
  • I love camping, my husband doesn’t, so sometimes trick him into coming Glamping with me
  • New York is my favourite city (I’ve visited so far…)

If you want to know more about what I can offer, you may want to start with looking at my Portfolio or even reading some of the fantastic testimonials or Kind Words I have received.  If you still want to know more, please check out my blog.  I’m always up for meeting up for a coffee or even a glass of wine, if you would like to chat some more don’t hesitate to Contact Me.



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