Documentary Family Photography is another branch to my business that I really enjoy.  There’s something so special about capturing a little piece of family life, a moment in time, a holiday or an adventure.  I’m capturing childhood memories in the making!

Elizabeth first contacted me because she wanted to arrange a photo session as a gift for her American friends. They were coming over from Florida to the beautiful north east to spend time around Newcastle and Northumberland.

We met at Simonside Car Park Walk near Rothbury in Northumberland, because its such a beautiful location.  Miranda, aged eight was going to be the main focus of the photo session, along with Elizabeth’s dog Willow.  It was such a lovely idea to capture a little piece of her English holiday.  We had loads of fun exploring the pine forest, and Margarita has just the best smile, what a character!  I absolutely LOVE the tender moments I captured between Miranda and her mum Margarita too!  There was even time for a couple of relaxed informal group photos at the end as well!

If you would like a documentary family photo session either at home or out on location, please get in touch – I’d love to hear about your family!