April 2, 2019

Norway Confirmation Ceremony

I love Norway.  I was asked to photograph a Confirmation ceremony, or Konfirmasjon as it’s called over there.  Getting Confirmed is quite a big deal in Norway.  It’s seen as a “coming of age” ceremony, and they mostly take place on the same weekend in May.  Non-religious ceremonies are held alongside the ones in Church, and most teenagers aged 14 will take part.  I was photographing a Church ceremony in a town called Moss, and the Church were doing back-to-back ceremonies all weekend.  The Norwegians have a national dress called a Bunad, which is worn on special occasions, and depending on which region in Norway you are from, your Bunad will look different with different patterns and colours, a bit like tartan in Scotland!  They look amazing!  I was told that the Telemark Bunad is very popular because it is the most decorative! I’m really excited that I will be going again in May this year.  I’m now taking bookings for outdoor portrait sessions at Alby gard on Friday May 10th, please get in touch if you’d like to book a slot!

If you are looking for some documentary photographs of a special occasion please get in touch, I can cover Christenings, Proms, bar(bat)mitzvah, Confirmations and anything in between!