Preparing for an Engagement Photo Shoot

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Tips on how to prepare for an Engagement Photo Shoot by Newcastle wedding and engagement photographer Emily from Silverbird Photography

You don’t like awkward, cheesy poses…

in fact, you don’t really like you photograph being taken at all…

you’re not a professional model…

so why bother with an Engagement Photo Session??

Well, all of the above statements also apply to me, so we’re off to a good start already!!

Preparing for your engagement photo shoot, thinking about outfits, locations and time of day, will all help to make sure the shoot is a success, and you’ll come away with a beautiful set of photos that you’ll be dying to show off!

During an Engagement photo shoot with me, I try to make them as fun and relaxing as possible.  Having worked as a press photographer for the past 14 years, I’m very used to visiting homes and places of work of ordinary people to take their photographs.  I did it on a daily basis, and most people didn’t really want their photographs taken, but I quickly learned the art of putting you at ease, because once you relax, I get to take better, more natural looking photos!  You can expect to laugh through those awkward first moments, when you think to yourself…”what do I do with my hands!???”

So, once you’ve chilled out a bit, it’s a chance for to get to know you as a couple, I get to know your personalities, and you’ll get to know me.  I’m mostly interested in capturing the connection the two of you have together, and not forcing you into any cheesy poses that you wouldn’t normally do.  I want you to come away from the session with some beautiful images of the two of you that show the love you feel for each other.  I think all of my couples look amazing, but some couples discover that they have a “good side” during the session, which we can then take into consideration on the Wedding Day.  It’s also worth remembering that we can pick up where we left off on the Wedding Day, so you won’t feel nervous at all on the Big Day like you did at the start of the Engagement Session!

Preparing for an engagement photo shoot:  Which locations are best?

When preparing for an engagement photo shoot, I always ask if there’s a special location you would like to go to first, for example, the place where you got engaged.  Somewhere special that has sentimental significance is always good, but if not, the choice of location will set the mood for the photo shoot.  For example, urban versus countryside.  Both have a totally different vibe, like the Monument in Newcastle on a match-day saturday, is going to look and feel a lot different to a peaceful woodland walk!  Both are equally cool I might add!

Urban engagement shoot locations in the north east:

Newcastle Ouseburn

Newcastle City centre quirky coffee bar/pubs

Newcastle/Gateshead Quayside

Jesmond Dene

Coastal engagement shoot locations in the north east:

We’re rather spoilt for choice in the North East with all the beautiful beaches – take your pick!

Any beach in Northumberland – they’re all pretty epic!


Whitley Bay


South Shields

Countryside engagement shoot locations in the north east:

Forest, woodland, moorland, rivers and waterfalls, or even climbing a mountain!

Simonside woods, Northumberland

Codbeck Reservoir

Hadrians Wall

Richmond, North Yorkshire and surrounding Dales

Houghall Woods, Durham

Alnwick Gardens

You could even have your engagement photo shoot at home!

Where better to fell relaxed than in your own home?

Preparing for an engagement photo shoot:  What time is best?

Early morning light is always beautiful, but I mean EARLY!  Like, dawn and the hour just after!  But if you’re not an early riser, the two hours before sunset, or Golden Hour as its sometimes called, is the best time.  I’ll very rarely cancel a session due to bad weather, as I’m really interested in capturing you two as a couple, it doesn’t really matter what the weather is doing, it often adds to the photo anyway!!  Just make sure you dress for it!

Preparing for an engagement photo shoot:  What outfit should I wear?

Most importantly, wear something that you’re comfortable in, and that fits properly.  I’ll take much better photos if you’re relaxed and not constantly pulling your shirt down, or distracted by straps falling off your shoulders!  The less you have to think about, the better!  Dress for your location, and don’t wear high heels to go on a forest hike.  Try to avoid clothing with logo’s, graphics and writing on, they’re really distracting, and they will be all you look at once you see the photos!  Try not to wear clothes that are too matchy, but rather compliment each other.  You can check out my Pinterest board here for more ideas: https://www.pinterest.co.uk/silverbirdphoto/engagement-session-outfit-inspiration/

Leave any large handbags at home or in the car, as you’ll be holding hands and cuddling a lot, and a bag just gets in the way. Lads, make sure you don’t have keys, wallet and phone in your pockets, as bulgy trousers look weird!  I can carry a small bag with all your essentials in and a bit of make up for touch ups.

If you want to bring along children and pets thats great!  Also, if you have any props, I’ll say let’s use them at the start of the session and then put them away so you can concentrate on holding onto each other!

My goal for the Session is that you leave feeling happy and excited to see your photos.  I aim to make them as fun as possible and you’ll get some beautiful images for you to keep.  Some couples choose to use the photographs for their Save the Date cards, on their Wedding Invitations, or as a large print for guests to sign at their wedding.  You can keep up to date with what I get up to by following me on Facebookor Instagram.  If you’d like to book an engagement photo shoot GET IN TOUCH HERE