Bride and Groom Hannah and Bob kissing in front of a large doorway at Summerhill Bowling Club Newcastle



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Summerhill Bowling Club Wedding, Newcastle

Hannah and Bob had their wedding at Summerhill Bowling Club, which is a quirky old Bowling Club in Newcastle.  There’s a nature garden as well as bowling greens.  Summerhill Square was featured on tv’s “A House Through Time”. This Summerhill Bowling Club marriage is one of the most fun weddings I’ve shot, and even the weather played ball!

The ceremony

The ceremony was an intimate service in the Bowling Club Pavillion. During the ceremony they had several beautiful readings from friends and family. It was a real tear-jerker.

They decorated the area with wildflowers, candles and lanterns. They had a really cool banner that read “This Must be the Place”, which I loved. The reception was in a marquee at Summerhill Bowling Club – I love this venue because you can totally personalise it. Weddings at Summerhill Bowling Club are amazing, because it’s just so original.  Hannah and Bob really got to decorate it DIY style and it looked fab!

Why Summerhill Bowling Club is a great place to get married

Summerhill Bowling Club has a really laid-back vibe. It’s one of the coolest places to get married in Newcastle. The venue offers space for a marquee – and there are so many beautiful spots that are perfect for photos.

After the ceremony

The couple had drinks and canapes and confetti in the afternoon, and a DJ in the evening. For dinner they had proper wedding grub, and the first dance involved the wedding party getting on the dancefloor to get the dancing going. They finished off the evening with a ‘last dance’.

The couple

Hannah wore a floor-length gown and Bob wore a stunning trouser suit and they looked really perfect.

The couple got in touch with me before lockdown, and their enquiry was really touching. They said they wanted a photographer who would be like a guest, and I loved that they were so relaxed.

Advice for planning your wedding at Summerhill Bowling Club

You can really make celebrations at Summerhill Bowling Club your own.  It’s a blank canvas for you to decorate however you wish!

If you’re planning a wedding at Summerhill Bowling Club, get in touch!

Dream team

Venue:Summerhill Bowling Club –

Marquee:Unique Tent Company –

Dress: York Bridal Studio –

Hair:Beth Parker –

Caterers:Jacob&Tori Caterers –

Florist:Suzie Winsor – The Good Natured –

Wedding banner is from White Cottage Weddings / Hired candlesticks/lanterns from Bestow & Co.

Celebrant:Emma Dunleavy-Dale – independent celebrant –

Wedding Co-Ordinator:Sian Chaplin Events – on the day co-ordinator –

If you would like me to photograph YOUR wedding at Summerhill Bowling Club Newcastle, GET IN TOUCH HERE